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Ear Cleaner & Blackhead Remover

Tired of the pain caused by using cotton swabs s in your ears? How about the pain you feel when you remove a blackhead?  If you're looking for a pain-free way to clean your ears and remove blackheads look no further!

This dual-purpose hurt-free tool is easy to use and is chemical-free.  No need for Q-Tips or attempting to scrub away blackhead with the 2-Tip in your hygiene arsenal.

  • No Scrubbing
  • No Chemicals
  • No Perfumes

Better Skin Naturally From The Inside Out

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2-Tip Cleaning Swabs

Dual Purpose Product 

Remove Build-Up 

Outer Ear

Press Firmly & Slide Down 

Blackhead Removal 

Repeat Steps

Hard To Remove Blackheads

A Better Product Because You Deserve Better!

  • No Perfumes
  • No Scrubbing
  • No Chemicals

2-Tip The Better Option

Cotton swabs are commonly used as a quick way to remove wax from the ear. They are easy to use and convenient; but the truth is, they can actually cause more harm than good. Other products on the market can push wax further into the ear canal, which can cause impaction, discomfort, or a rupture in the eardrum.

The 2-Tip can not only provide an alternative to cotton swabs, but they also feature a secondary use. Using the hollow end to remove the blackhead, you no longer have to worry about the pain and the scarring that can happen when a blackhead is squeezed or scrubbed.

Better Skin From The Inside Out

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